Who is Belenus?

Belenus, "The Shining One", was a Celtic Sun God, associated with light and heat, and healing.

Among other places in the vast area once covered by the Celtic tribes, this God was worshipped in Noricum, the Celtic Kingdom that preceded Christian's home country of Austria. Belenus is also associated with the Festival of Beltane (today celebrated on May 1st,) which was the beginning of the light half of the year for the Celts.

Why the Focus on the Celts?

Christian was born and raised in Austria, Europe. From 750 until 50 B.C., his home country was known as Noricum, a Celtic kingdom. In the very heart of this land is a small town called Hallstatt, were people have mined salt from the dawn of humanity. It is believed that the salt was the main reason for the rich gifts left in the graves of the Celts of Hallstatt. And, of course, the older Celtic period is named after the town "Hallstatt Culture."

As a Druid and a shamanic practitioner, Christian is a link to the ancestors of these folks, and a keeper of the traditions and stories of the Alpine Celtic People.