Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is an essential shamanic technique. The assumption is a) that everyone has one (or more) soul(s) and b) that in traumatic incidents, one can loose a part of his/her soul. This part remains on the location and in the time of the trauma.

Therefore, the part does not grow and evolve with the person. It rather stays the same way like the day it was lost.

The person lives on with the remainder of the soul, however on a lower energetic level. This low energy often manifests in diseases and/or depression. Statements like “I have never been the same since that accident…” often indicate subconscious awareness of soul loss and the mentioned low energy level.

In the soul retrieval journey, the shaman is charged with going back in time and place to the traumatic experience, where he/she looks for the lost soul part. Since, in the Western culture, there is often a considerable time delay between the trauma and when the shaman works for the client, the soul part usually presents as a much younger version of the client.

The soul part is then asked by the shaman to come back with him/her to the here and now, to be given back to its original owner. Sometimes, the soul is hesitant to do so, and must be convinced that the trauma is over and that its owner is in a safe(r) place now.

Soul retrieval is a process. Once the soul is brought back, the integration part starts. This is usually done in multiple consecutive sessions with some homework for the client.