Is there a cost?

For Ovate Work (healing and energy-work) and for Druidic Counselling, there is no set fee. This is a gift and it is meant to be paid forward to anyone no matter their circumstances.
This is not to say that I welcome contributions, in whatever form.

For Druid Celebrant Services, however, I do charge fees.

Offered Ceremonies

I am registered as a "minister" and therefore as a Wedding Officiant with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thus, weddings and handfastings that I officiate in this State are legally binding, provided the couple has a valid wedding license.
I am happy to officate weddings and handfastings of any type of lifestyle.

All ceremonies are Druidic-Pagan by default, but can definitely be adjusted to the comfort of the couple and the congregation.

All ceremonies

Where I speak the whole ceremony (except for wedding vows, if the couple so chooses)


Where other members of the ceremonial party or the congregation participate
might require a rehearsal)




Eulogy only


Non-Ceremonial additional fees (if applicable)

Driving cost 30-100 miles


Driving cost over 100-300 miles

Federal mileage reimbursment rate (2015: 57.5 cent) for every mile beyond 100 miles

Over 3 hours (normal traffic conditions) away

Cost for overnight stay

Distance requiring air-travel

Economy class ticket price + cost for overnight stay