Christian offers a variety of spiritual support and healing methods. All services fall under the umbrella of Druidry, as the newest segment on Christian's path, which has greately improved the energy level of the healing work through ancient and well-proven Rites.
Druidry is first and foremost a path of service. In many ways, this can be defined as Druid Counseling designed to not only help with the spiritual aspects of physical and mental health, but also in almost all other areas of life, even with the client's profession, business, their home and garden, and much more.
While Druidry is the spiritual path in general, one important form of practice is Schamanism. Druidry and shamanism aren't two seperate approaches, but rather complementary to each other.
Christian offers healing methods attributed to Shamanism, including Poweranimal Retrievals (also for preemies, babies and children,) and the typical shamanic techniques Extraction and Soul Retrieval.

Christian also designs and performs custom tailored Rituals/Ceremonies, as part of the process. These are different to the Rites mentioned above in that these rituals and ceremonies are carried out as part of the healing work with a client, for example to integrate soul-parts after a soul-retrieval. These rituals and ceremonies are different from the rites for life events.

Divination is yet another service offered by Christian. As an integrate part of Druidry, "hearing the voice of the future" is an inutive process, for which Christian uses Ogham staves, a set of bones, Astrology, and - in the near future - also Tarot Cards.

In his druidic and healing work, Christian uses Herbs & Crystals to support the various processes.

List of services

An ancient spiritual technique, where the shamans alter their state of conciousness and journey into the spiritual realm to find answers to their client's questions (click on link for more info)
One of the spiritual helper of the shaman, a guard, teacher, and sometimes savior (click on link for more info)
The removal of foreign energy in a persons body, presenting as a tangible object to the shaman (click on link for more info)
Bringing back energy lost in a previous trauma (click on link for more info)
Celebrating, commemorating, or marking a special event (click on link for more info)
Mother Earth's own helpers supporting the healing process (click on link for more info)
The ancient Celtic spiritual philosophy and magic of the sages of the forests (click on link for more info)
Celebrating important events in life with magical ceremony (click on link for more info)
Druids were the counsellors to kings and the members of their tribes - You. (click on link for more info)
Finding what's hidden in the past, present, and future (click on link for more info)